Orinoco Update

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 19 Jan 2007 12:51
Orinco Delta Trip 11-13th January 2007
We have just arrived back from another world, where there are no cars or roads, just huge huge rivers separating thousands of islands of jungle.   The geography makes for another kind of human existence,  people joined by the massive spreading branches of the Orinoco river in the delata, which covers around TWENTY THOUSAND SQUARE MILES..............(Wales by comparison is around eight thousand square miles).   The Waraho Indians, who have lived here since prehistory, are singular in thinking that they come from the stars, and are in heaven in this life.   They live on palm roofed platforms close to or over the river, and seem to relaxedly survive on whatever comes from their jungle islands, and the river.   They are grave, independant, and friendly.   They seemed to have about ten children per family, and the women were immersed in maternity.   Babies seemed to be never put down, and they all slept in hammocks together.
This house was amazing as it had a TV in it.
This picture was taken during a jungle walk.
We spent a lot of time tearing great distances in very fast pirogues, which were bumpy and wet, and the wind became a tearing force as you were going so fast.  We had to wrap up in bin bags, which soon became shredded and torn.
Mimi playing cats cradle with a Waraho girl in a riverside village.
Mimi in her new Waraho hat, which she has taken to wearing everywhere.
Otti and Mimi with their friend the toucan, which was free to come and go in the jungle lodge, and had been adopted as a baby when it's tree fell over when it was still in the nest.  Otti spent hours playing with it and feeding it.