Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 3 Jan 2007 03:02
Tuesday 2nd January, 2007, Margarita
Despite being fifteen miles offshore from Venezuela, we are in South America.  The people are an amazing mix of native indian and incomers, and are very varied and beautiful.  The food is great:  it's great to be bamboozled by fifty percent of what you see in a fast food buffet.  Banana leaf wrapped ??? polenta, strange white giant asparagus bamboo shoots, white stringy carrot shaped things, fried yellow chunks of something??? and so it goes on.
Going to the supermarket was a huge adventure, starting with a fifty year old car that coasted and creaked and squealed along, smelling strongly of petrol, and looking like something from Mad Max  crossed with a Cheverolet.   None of the windows and doors worked.   Chris said,'Everytime we went around a corner I expected a wheel to roll off'.
When we got to the super market, there was a big sign saying all guns were to be left at the door...
Otti and Mimi have spent the afternoon playing with 11 year old Jessie, who lives on a Christian mission leadership training boat, with twelve people on board, anchored next to us.
We are trying to make some plans, and have decided to venture into Venezuela, park the tub at Porta La Cruz, and take a roadtrip to the Orinoco delta, which is meant to be filled with pirhanas and crocodiles and monkeys, although it may not be possible to organize in the time we have.