Day 12 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 18 Dec 2005 13:50
Day 12 Atlantic Crossing, Position 13'N 47'W, December 18th 2005
Steve says: 'We're bowling along at seven knots, hoping the wind will last until we get to Bequia (pronounced Beckway).  That's about it I reckon'.
Hard to think of anything to say, apart from the fact that there's lots and lots of sea all around.
Otti says: 'We did  heaps of spellings this morning.  Having fun, and looking forward to Christmas, and we had pancakes yesterday as well'.
Mimi says:  'Doing school.  Having apples.  Doing 'Ten minute Maths' Book.  Playing gameboy a lot.  From Mimi.'
Chris says:  'ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (he's asleep after being on watch).'
We are in a weird state of the here and now, quietly going about our daily routine, with sea, sea, and more ocean.  It is funny  to think about people on land, driving around, and sleeping on beds that are still.  I try not to think about land too much, because it makes it hard to cope with of all the sea we still have to cross before this endless ocean is over.
Steve threw an empty tin overboard, and Chris said,' That's got over four miles to go before it hits the bottom.'
Steve replied, 'Thanks a lot Chris, I'd rather not think about that now.'
It gives you vertigo to think of the gulf of ocean below us, as we fly along far far above the bottom, on the surface. Our average speed over the last five hours has been 7.3knots, which is terrific. 
We are now all used to living at sea, and have worked out where we are all comfortable at night.  Otti and Mimi seem to have moved into our cabin in the focsle,  I sleep in Mimi's bunk, Chris in the saloon, and Steve in the chart table cabin.  You just need to be well wedged in.
Lunch: cold lasagne        Supper:  risotto? and JELLY!