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Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 7 Feb 2007 12:54
February 4th 2007 from Klein Caracao to Curacao.  
We had an overnight windy rolly stop at Klein Caracao.   When we went for a walk around the island this morning we inspected a very sad sight: a large wrecked ketch, lying on it's side on the reef.   It had only run aground in the last month or so, and the shore was strewn with beds and liferafts and all the bits and pieces of boat life.  Apparently the French skipper had fallen asleep... It was very shocking for us all to see such a fine boat all ruined.  The owners got off it unhurt.
An uneventful sail downwind to Curacao, a Dutch island which takes plastic as oppose to fistfulls of dollars, and all without background gunfire.  Three Cheers!   We arrived in an amazing harbour called Spanse water, which feels really European, with a cordoned off beach and barbecue area.....and an ICECREAM BOAT with a ringing bell!
I suppose that we have been off in the wilds for two weeks, where the only people we have seen have been the odd fisherman or yachtie, no one else.  The fishermen have been glad to see Chris, who has stitched up one nasty finger gash, and looked at another with a bad eye.  Obviously we have been eating a lot of fish as a result..... on top of four days of ploughing through the giant baracuda.    So it is really amazing to come into a big modern harbour, and have a meal out, and see roads and cars....
Chris is busy working out whether to sail west via Colombia and Honduras and Belize, or north to Cuba and Mexico.   It's nice to see him getting his teeth into nice big chart plotting plans, having seen him spend weeks working out tides for a single Welsh Wayfarer trip.
The Sarah Grace has done lots of sailing in the last two weeks, and has not let us down.