Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 18 Nov 2005 09:49
Friday 18th November, Tenerife. 2005
Well, we're about to be off on the big one today, about 8-10days sailing or 1,200 miles down to Cape Verde.    We're all a bit nervous, Chris says it's like before a big exam, and we are rushing around doing our last minute revision.  I'm cooking pre-flight brownies and casseroles, Chris is getting some filters, and Steve is off at the market to get more vegetables., and eggs.  We had a bit of an egg massacre yesterday, as our trays of eggs got dropped off the trolley on the way back to the boat........So we had Spanish omellette for lunch.   We keep trying to assess the likely weather, which is a bit odd as there is a low to the west of us, which is very unusual in the Canaries  at this time of year.   The upshot is it might be a longer than normal trip, with light winds ending up in head winds, but a lot can change in 8 days so we are hoping that it will improve.  Here is a picture of Chris in the lazarette trying to stow more stuff.  I am throwing out all I can, but still we seem to have too much on board.  The Sarah Grace is really low in the water.......  This is a picture of more food coming on board.    Chris was cleated off up the mast when it was delivered, and couldn't get down, with all the Spanish delivery men shouting unintelligible Spanish at him.   I was dropping something off at another boat in the marina!
I will try to do a daily post when we are at sea.  We are hoping to leave this afternoon.   It is a great relief  to think that we have Steve with us to share watches now, so will all be able to get more sleep.   Also we have an SSB radio now with which to stay in touch with other boats.   We have an informal net, into which we log on every night at 9pm  GMT  whilst sailing or separated from the herd.  Adventura has arrived in the Cape Verdes, trail blazing, and is having a good time.  Regina is leaving on Sunday, as is Starlight.