Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 25 Nov 2005 17:34
Day Two: Cape Verde Passage. 25th November 2005
The boat is going brilliantly, flying along at over six knots in reasonable seas, in good wind.  We are making good progress, having sailed around one hundred and thirty miles in the last 24 hours.   The night went smoothly , apart from a bit of a two hour rolly period when the wind dropped before dawn.  It came whistling back through, an hour after sun rise.   We are just resetting the sails, changing from a reach to gooswinging the jib out to port, as we are going to bump into Africa unless we head a little more west.
Mimi is still getting sick, which is a real shame, but Otti is ok.   Chris, Steve and I are managing alright, despite having been in harbour for so long.  We saw about fifty dophins whizzing along infront of the boat this morning.   Lots of boats around us have reported seeing whales, which I have never seen, so we are keeping a look out..
We will start trying to catch some fish once all the precooked dinners from land are eaten and we are hungry for tuna!
We have a satellite phone on board, which we will leave on between 13.00 GMT and 14.00 GMT everyday, during the trip over the next week.  It will cost £1.50 a minute to ring, if you fancy a quick 'Hello' to anyone on board.
1) Ring 09114484488, and at the prompt after calling this, key in the satellite phone number you wish to reach, ours is: 0088-16315-73917
It will appear on your phone bill under '09114484488'
Here's hoping our winds and seas stay as sweet, over and out from Soph!