True Blue Bay

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 8 Feb 2006 03:24
True Blue Bay, 7th February 2006
We have moved!  Albeit one mile from where we were, but hey, it was too far to walk to the swimming pool.
First of all we had to stay here until the gas bottle got refilled, (Wednesday), now it's until Otti has finished her Padi Dive Course, the weekend.  But then, hey it's the week end, so I guess we won't be Trinidadding until next week now.  By then the carnival buildup will be in full swing.... It's apparently a very very busy time of year there. I tried to make a booking in a marina there in December, yes, whilst actually in the middle of the Atlantic, by e-mail, but they were already fully booked, so we'll be packed into the oilly harbour with hundreds of other boats.
We keep being warned that 'personal security' (nothing to do with incontinence pads) is a problem in Trinidad.  We actually talked to a student last night out walking her Chihuawa  (I kid you not: he was called Coco), and her friend was stabbed to death there for his car last year. So we are bracing ourselves for the change, from this happy go lucky friendly island, to one where apparently, kidnappings and bombings are the order of the day......It's not quite as bad as Venezuela, where one barricades oneself into the boat as the sun sets, and ignores the banditos as they prowl around.   It sort of depends who you talk to.  Some yachts seem to spend half the time swanning around Venezuela on their own, whilst others are busy banding together into armed convoys.  It does seem that Trinidad is much rougher: we have been warned by our friend living there to be very careful.
Here is a rather stunning picture of Ottilie in a very fetching umbrella hat.
Here is a picture of Mimi doing her school work, learning spelling.  She finds it much easier with a dictaphone.
Here is a picture of Chris having lunch at the 'Little Dipper', with the sea behind him.

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