AT Anchor

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 5 Jan 2007 16:07
Margarita, January 4th Thursday.
This deluge of web-postings will end tomorrow with our removal from the wifi zone here.   As Otti says,'Too much information Mum!'
Will sign off with this evenings activities, as we were dutifully cranking Bob our tender onto the deck, necessary or he might be recruited to a new life.  Yes, apparently even Bob is desirable here, a small orange plastic dinghy with an aged 2HP engine, a craft which causes hilarity amongst the cruising pack.   Someone shouted from a very smart boat yesterday, ' Is that THE Bob of Bristol?!!!!' ( He has Bob of Bristol painted across his stern).   I shouted back,' Did you just call me a Bimbo?' which caused enough confusion for us to putter past with dignity, and no more barricking.
We solved an argument at dusk, where the sound of breaking waves was coming from the prow, with our mega torch.  Otti said it was fish,  which I thought was ridiculous.   The beam of light showed thousands of kipper sized fish hurtling out of the water, being hunted from below by pipefish, and amazingly chased by bats from above.   As Otti said 'Crazzy mad, Crazzy mad.'
We are gradually getting up to speed with the Venezuelan Customs and Immigration, otherwise known as the 'Gullible Yacht Owners Get Totally Ripped Off System'.    We met a wised-up yachtie called Claus, who let us into some of the scams, all of which we have cheerfully walked into.   They have all these imaginary rules, to comply with which you have to pay up, and receive a piece of paper covered with stamps, forged signatures,  false fingerprints, and rubbish,  which you don't in fact need in the first place.  Very comforting to the ignorant, but actually useless.   Fascinatingly Chris is now 'Captain Michael Yerburi'.   Och well, at least we're all in one piece and only £15 down, and the officials are content.   The  average monthly income here is £15.   They send you off with strict instructions to comply with the next spider in the next port.  In actual fact we think you don't need to check in out of every port, according to the national
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We finallly have our water from 'Water Baby', a little boat that supplies it around the cruising boats.  We are off to Isla Coche now!