Sarah Grace goes to Sea 2005

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 20 Jun 2005 15:18
We have been moving aboard the boat which is in Bristol Docks, provisioning for the big trip.  One always thinks that things will be organized well in advance of departure......
Thanks to the unstinting efforts of Bill Starey we are finally ready to go to sea.  We have been packing up in Bristol, moving out of the house, tripping over each other and generally all going mad. Otti and Mimi have said a sad farewell for the moment to Chew Stoke Church School.  Dogs Tasha and Dizney are being looked after in fantastic homes..
Here is a picture of Bill trying to stow away in the lazerette, with his bag.
We have four permanent liveaboards: Chris Yerbury (Skipper), Sophy White (Deckhand), Ottilie Yerbury (2nd Deckhand) and Mimi White (3rd Deckhand).   Our aim is to attempt to cross the Atlantic, and if not get as far as we can in one piece.   We have a rough itinerary which is as follows:
Leave England: June 20th
France :            June to July-ish
Spain  :             July to Augustish
Portugal:          August
Portugal to Madiera (about 5 days) early September
Madiera to Canaries (about 3-5 days) late September
Canaries :       Octoberish
Canaries to Cape Verdes (about 8-10 days) late October
Cape Verdes:    November
Cape Verdes to Trinidad: (about 15-20 days) early December....
and then back again by either the west route or the east route...........
Contact us:
Chris: chrisyerbury (at) hotmail dot com
Soph: sophywhite (at) msn dot com
William White my brother would know where we are and he is on 01275-475063.
We will be getting an SSB radio soon but do not have one yet.  More about our home in 'About Sarah Grace'