Channel crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 26 Jun 2005 22:09
We left Plymouth a day after we planned, as the autohelm didn't work, which we only discovered as we were untying the mooring lines!
Somewhere south of Fowey we decided to turn right and head for Brittany, as the wind was right.  The wind increased over the night and we reefed at dusk.  Dinner was not popular. 
We picked up an exhausted pigeon half way across, which repaid us by roosting on the reefing lines under the spray dodger, and redecorating them.   He was relaunched near Ushant and headed back over France, full of flapjack, and rewatered.
We pulled into Morgat as we were all tired of being rolled around on nasty sixish seas, and the girls went tearing along a huge sandy beach.
We stopped at the Glenans, and had a great couple of days of sun and sand, and a brisk interrogation from the French customs, who nicely didn't fine us despite lack of part 1 registration certificate,(still stuck in Cardiff).
Today we played minigolf to celebrate my birthday!  Thiery and Nadine invited us onto their boat to meet Oscar(9months) and have a drink.  Mimi's birthday is tomorrow, so we will probably delay going to St Maria/Belle Isle until Tuesday.