hog island

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 2 Apr 2006 12:58
Hog Island, 2nd March 2006 (Sunday)
We are having a final weekend at anchor before going into Prickly bay tomorrow to get the rigging sorted, and start the enormous washathon and cleanup.
It is really lovely here, the sea is very flat as to get here you have to zig-zag inbetween half a dozen reefs.  Some of these are marked with buoys, and some arnen't, so you just have to eye ball your way into the little bay behind the island. So we chugged in very slowly indeed. 
We have got Bob dressed up in all his sails and rigging, and have been whizzing around the bay behind the reefs in him.  Otti and I went for an experimental sail yesterday,(Otti says: 'Novice double-handed'), which ended in Otti being bonked by the boom and semi-capsizing in a down-wind jibe,(I have to say that just for once in this nautical mishap I was NOT helming).............  Before that, she nearly shot out of the bows where she was tucked in, as we ran aground so hard onto a reef bank between two islands,(ok, I WAS helming), that the dinghy went from whizzing to dead-stopped in an inch.  Funnily enough, it all happens silently, (apart from cursing from me).  In a car there would be a loud squealing sound and a few crunching noises.   The centre-board only has a LITTLE ding in it.   Her comment,'Mum, maybe that's what that buoy is for!', I thought was really inspired....How you are meant to steer, hold the sails correctly for the wind, AND look where you are going at the same time is obviously beyond me.
We all had tuna pie, watched 'The Sound of Music', and slept in a heap in the focsle.