Day 3 Atlantic

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 9 Dec 2005 12:56
Day 3, Atlantic Crossing, position 14'N 28'W, 9th December
Still slopping along, with light changeable winds.   There is another really unusual low heading towards the Canaries, which we are well away from, but it is enough to interrupt the trade winds which we need.  One becomes weather obsessed out here, because it makes the difference between being hurled around the boat to having a nice comfortable ride.
We caught a fish, we think a small yellow fin tuna.  Mimi went mad, running around the boaat shouting,'We caught a tuna, we caught a tuna!!'  Steve had it ready for the frying pan within two minutes of it being on board, all washed and gutted, and we scoffed it straight after it was cooked.  
Overheard on the SSB an interesting conversation this morning, between two other kid boats doing the crossing.  It went something like,'Why are we doing this?'
'I can't answer that,  why didn't we take a plane?'
As Steve said,'Everyone at home seems really excited that we are doing this trip, but I don't feel excited at all, just tired'.
Don't get me wrong, we are not wallowing around in regret, moral is high and all is well aboard the good ship Sarah Grace.......although Chris informs me that we have bust the main sheet brace.
Mimi says: 'It was amazing when we caught the fish, and a bit on the boat is broke.  Dad and Steve are trying to sort out the matter'.
Otti says: 'Otti says we have heaps of pipe cleaners out today and it is really fun, and we caught a fish'.
Chris says: 'Mr Fixit is hard at work,  send new 'u' bolt by email'.