Day 4 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 10 Dec 2005 14:09
Day 4, Atlantic Crossing, position 14'N 30'W, December 10th 2005
Still no wind.  Slatted and wallowed overnight, motoring this morning.  We only have five days fuel on board, so we can't keep motoring through calms.   The wind is meant to be coming back on Sunday evening, but unless we do 130 miles a day, Santa will be visiting us at sea.
Otti has just presented me with a (late) letter for Santa.   Can't post it now, but said we might try to email him.
Otti says: 'Looking forward to getting to the Carribbean, today is absolutely frizzling.  It's going to take forever to cross, but we're getting there'.
We're starting a giant transatlantic Uno competition, to see who wins the most games before we get to the other side.
I forgot to sign onto our radio net for two sessions, and got an Irridium call from one of the other boats (Regina) to check that we were ok.   It's a very cosy transatlantic community we have here:  we talk twice a day at ten and six.   I suppose it might be partly because we haven't got a huge agenda of other things going on...........
Dinner is going to be pizza, with local tuna and tomato and cheese.
Mimi says:  ' I am having lots of fun and it is steaming hot and miss you all from Mimi'.