Things that go bump in the night

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 9 Feb 2006 16:00
Thursday the 9th February, 2006.
Good morning all!  We are a little jaded, having had a sucession of disturbances last night.
1) Otti in a real paddy over her PADI diving course, really designed for adults.  She has  to dive all day and read sixty pages of theory at night and is finding it hard to keep up the pace.  Dive plans, pressure, density and loads of initials eg. SCUBA abound.  Half an hour spent calming and reassuring her, after lights out.
2) Party of sixty people having THE MOST VOCAL good time you can possibly imagine on the beach by the boat.  The Grenadans specialize in Tarzan like yells, in chorus, and in dialogue, of amazing cheer and hysteria.  Add a very very popular band, which was hard to hear through all the yells of delight, plus carhorns, all about one hundred yards away... It finished in the wee small hours.
3) Repeated vicious squalls interspersed with hot clammy calms.  This means that you have to open the hatches or you die of heat, and then when a squall hits,  rush around closing them before the thunderous heavy rain drenches everything.  The only brilliant thing about this is that I had my water tank plasticine in situ on deck, and for everysquall we get a few bucketfulls of clean fresh rainwater!!!
4) Finally, after the party,(sadly immune to all the squalls), I was woken by an ominous grating sound from the anchor chain.  I lay puzzling in bed, trying to analyse this noise.  Anchor drag is usually accompanied by a juddering which this noise didn't have.  I got up and stuck my head out to see a steel sloop with it's stern nudging our bows, and perhaps its rudder on our chain.  Whoops.  We had tacked on our anchor bridle (not good), and got the stern rope wrapped around the keel/prop.  So lots of running around the deck in pants with torches and boat hooks etc., all perfectly synchronized with another squall.  Wet decks are quite skiddy in bare feet, so you can imagine the pantomine.  A good towelling off after this, and settling to sleep, faintly steaming like hot cattle,  when........
5) Crunch creaK: the sound of an intruder, coming down the saloon steps!  We both jumped up, and then identified the black shape looming as  Ottilie prowling around, looking for Anthisan cream for a mosquito bite that was itching....
6) With the anchor bridle  untwizzled from the keel and dismantled, the boat was now really rolling sideways onto the swell, so you get woken as you jolt from side to side.  Hey ho.
Lack of sleep seriously interferes with our gruelling schedule of snorkelling and swimming and happy hour.... 
here are some boatkids having a photoshoot!
Here is a sunset with Canouan in the distance
Here are some pictures of Otti's first scuba dive, starting on the dive boat, and then underwater.
Well done Otti!!  And all of this on the first day!

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