Getting Close

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 14 Jun 2007 13:41
Position  38 23' N  30 34' W
In land lubber terms that means we are about 80 miles from Horta and we're sure, if it were a clear day we would be able to see our destination. However as I came on watch, just as day was breaking, I was greeted by Chris welcoming me to a "Scottish morning" i.e. it's grey, dull and with typical Scots mist, or should that be rain.
To use Chris's analogy to cycling, we are at last freewheeling down hill and have been for the last three days, which doesn't quite wipe out the previous 67 days of uphill. It has been a frustrating trip, even more so when we have discovered that a boat that left Bemuda two days after us is now only 2 miles behind, they took a different route. This does concentrate the mind somewhat and despite Karen's reiteration of "were not racing" there is no way were going to arrive in Horta behind them. We are all looking foreward to the fleshpots of Horta, a good shower, clean clothes and a nice meal, as our staples are getting a bit low. Everyone has tried to "guess" our arrival time but as with most aspects of this trip the wind has now fallen light for the first time in three days - Sod's law- I think is the scientific term, but we have used a few other words! However we should get in sometime today, the 14th, even if it is a minute to midnight. While playing with my GPS yesterday I found that since joining Sarah-Grace, Karen and I would have covered 3000 miles, in a straight line from Mexico but a bit more the way we have come. Still the next bit can't be so bad !!!!!