Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 12 Jan 2006 01:27
Mustique Janurary 11th
Got up at 8am and rowed ashore to walk before it got hot.   Walked up a hill with tortoises guarding their own little gardens of short cropped crab grass.   It has been raining or showering on and off all day.   We stopped at a swanky hotel to see if we could afford breakfast, and moved on after hearing of the $45 per head tab.  Promises from Mum of 'I'll cook you anything when we get back to the boat!'.   We got a lift from an Irishman swathed with gold, driving a 'mule', a local golf-carty thing, back to the anchorage.  He pointed out Princess Margaret's old house etc etc., and then we went back on board for eggy-bread and grapefruit juice.
Two hours of school later, which left us all feeling shattered, we went for a swim. 
Otti cooked some lovely cakes, then we played chess and went swimming.  Chris has filled the dinghy with tin cans that he has been diving for on the seabed at the anchorage, tidying up.
For supper we had dasheen, ( I keep buying mysterious local vegetables and trying to cook them) which was quite tasty potatoey stuff, and okra curry.
We are about to run out of water and are off back to Canouan tomorrow to get some more.  Miss  all of you folk back home!!!