Still waiting

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 23 Nov 2005 09:18
November 23rd Tenerife 2005
Hello hello, we are still waiting for the trades!!!!!!!
The arc left, hilariously into headwinds on Sunday, with some returning, including Koshlong.  So it must have been pretty rough. We are winding up to another departure, possibly tomorrow.
Mimi says:  'I do not want to go on a long sail.   We are giving Tin Hau lots of joss sticks and flowers, (our Chineses fishing boat Goddess).  Miss everybody.  Love from Mimi.  xxx
Chris says: 'Too much waiting, just want to get going'
Steve says: ' Hello Everybody!' and say something about all this celestial navigation..(Steve is up at all hours measuring mars and venus and the sun with the sextant)
Otti:  still asleep, as was naughty and reading a book until 11.15 last night.
Mimi is currently the subject of Otti's science project,  something to do with measuring her water consumption.
We will do a daily posting whilst at sea, all being well!