Goodbye Grenada

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 15 Feb 2006 12:53
Grenada, 15th February, 2006
We are  off to Trinny tonight.   We had a great Valentines party on the beach lastnight.  The kids played with boomerangs and badminton, and then did a dance and song show.
We are finally leaving this lovely island tonight.  Our days of scrounging off the True Blue Resort Hotel are finally coming to an end.  The hotel has been really hospitable.   It has been like home for two weeks.  No more rowing ashore for happy hour every evening, having a hot shower after a swim, using the (brilliant) wifi system, having access to unlimited ice,  free dinghy dock etc etc etc.   I would recommend the hotel and it's happy atmosphere to anyone with $150 US a day to spend.
We have discovered Skype in a big way, as a few folk know over the last day or two.  If you all download it and get headphones we can speak for FREE!!  So come on everybody, join the party!!  Mimi managed to speak to her friend Talia in Chew Magna for half an hour, but kept saying 'Over' as she is used to chatting on the VHF radio.......
Otti says: 'I'm not looking forward to the sail.  And I won a hat at the beach party.  And I'm now a qualified SCUBA diver!! '
Mimi says: 'We had a valentines party yesterday.  Otti was going to play monopoly with me but has now decided not to.  I can't wait to go back to school and be taught by a proper teacher.'
Chris says:  'Looking forward to seeing my old friend Gerad in Trinidad. 
Soph says:  'I hope we have a good passage with no pirates, and am looking forward to seeing Curtis and his family in Trinidad'.
Mimi and Otti have a Valentines Lunch:
We had a day at the seven falls on Sunday:  a really brilliant waterfall!