Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Tue 10 Jan 2006 12:52
Mustique January 10th 2006
We finally decided to come to Mustique after sailing past it twice.  We had a five hour upwind beat into twenty five knot winds to get here. 
On the way we were fishing and had a huge strike on the line.  Chris could not pull it in, and was shouting,'Clear the decks, move the ropes, get some gloves, it feels bigger than Bob(the dinghy)'.  The line started curving in front of the stern, overtaking the boat.  We then saw that the other end was attached to the Italian yacht 'Roma'............It had been picked up as they crossed our stern, and we had to cut them free, and lose a load of tackle.
Didn't catch anything else yesterday.
Mustique has the general feeling of being within the bounds of a country club: mowed lawns, everyone driving around in little golf carts, a Disney Carribbean set.  The lawns have loads of roving wild tortoises, which is fun.  A leg of lamb in the local supermarket, where there is a grave danger of bumping into a celebrity, costs $238 EC, which is about £65.  I bought four apples for five pounds yesterday.
Basil's Bars is one hundred yards from the boat.  We can hear their live music from onboard, no Mick Jagger yet, though apparently he is around. 
On the Cays there are dozens of wild turtles grazing the eel grass, and we have all spent time snorkeling with them.  It is great to see them flying through the sea.
Otti says: ' It is sunny here.  All my friends are here.  This morning a mynah bird landed on the boat, and we fed in corn beef from the hand.  Koshlong and Regina are here which is really good.   I have my own cabin back, as Mimi is so annoying, it's nice to have my own space. That's it.'
Mimi says: 'Having great fun, seeing turtles, swimming all the time, miss you all, can you tell aunty Jenny is Toffee (Mimi's mouse) alright?'
Chris says: ' Did you write about going upwind yesterday Soph?'  Really enjoyed seeing turtles underwater swimming along and eating the seaweed with Otti and Mimi.  Yesterday's upwind slog reminded us how easy thousands of miles of downwind has been.   Downwind sailing for the next three thousand miles please.
Steve was waved goodbye to in Canouan three days ago, and we miss his help on board, I have to do all the dinghy hauling with Chris now.
We will send loads of pictures if we can hook into the Mustique wifi zone.