Packing up

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 22 Jan 2007 11:06
Monday 22nd January, 2007.  Puerto La Cruz
This is our last day onshore before taking off from the mainland.   We have been delivering huge trolley after trolley of tins and packets of food onto the Sarah Grace.   After visiting some more offshore islands, we will then cross to Cuba, possibly via Haiti, and we have been repeatedly assured that supplies do not exist beyond this point.  In Cuba they have a voucher system, which means that only locals can generally buy food.  We will have to trade here and there, and we have much rum and soap on board.
We will be sorry to leave the marina, as the girls have had quite a social life, thundering up and down the pontoons having water fights.  Chris has had quite enough of being here though, and hates marinas.  I won't be sorry to leave the town intact...... it really feels like the wild west.   It's amazing how quickly you get used to the sight of people walking around with guns...
Otti and Mimi have had the responsibility of feeding fourteen cats, who live around the marina, so they will have to say goodbye tonight.
We hope to be travelling from this point with Yacht Jem, a 44' ketch with Mark and Louise Seymour onboard.   They have been battling for ten days to fix their generator, without success, and have decided that they are coming anyway, sans freezer and water maker. 
A picture of Jem on the other side of the marina.
Here is a picture giving an idea of the state of chaos on board as we pack tins into every cupboard  and nook and cranny.
Will be using the satphone for web postings from now on, so photos will be tiny and poor quality.....