Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 22 Jan 2006 02:08
Carriacou Island, 21st January 2006
We've sailed another ten miles south from Union Island.  On the way to Carriacou Island we passed Palm Island, Sandy Island and a few other islets.  We kept passing shivering multitudes of tiny silver fish shimmering out of the water being hotly pursued by tuna.  'Look Mum!! Flying tuna!' shouts Otti.  Despite having our best octopus lure trailing, we didn't get a bite.
We checked into Carriacou customs at lunch and ate in a tin shack snack bar, which was the best meal we have had this side of the Atlantic.  We are now officially in Grenada.
We tried to buy some fresh food, and could only find some bananas and grapefruits being sold by the side of the road.  I've had a gutful of dasheen and eddos for the time being.
We are now anchored in Tyrell bay.  American boats make it their business to interrogate you on the size of your tackle if you anchor near them.  They leap into their tenders and motor over, saying,'How big is it? (your anchor) and how much scope do you have?'  Luckily ours is bigger than most, and that usually puts a sock in it so to speak.  The magic answer is,'55lbs and 30metres',  when anchored in 4m depth, which is the equivalent of using an articulated lorry to pick up your Sunday paper.
We are anchored next to Carpe Diem, who keeps lecturing us.   He shakes his head sadly when he sees the dinghy lock, and says 'That is not enough'.  He is security mad, and does not sail with his navigation lights on further south in case he is spotted by pirates.  We don't know if this is cunning or foolish.
We are going over to his boat now and will doubtless return much wiser and definitely paranoid.
Ottilie has taken up outboard driving.  Sarah Grace has a sore flank from Otti's first trial run back from dropping off the laundry today.  We  missed the back of the boat and rammed the side.  Otherwise she was excellent, as it was her first try.
Otti says: 'I look nicer in real life'.  And I did not mean to crash into Sarah Grace when I did.  And my thumb got crunched up and now it is all big.  Got squashed actually.   Today I did not do very much school, but played school games on the computer.