Day 15 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 21 Dec 2005 13:36
Day 15, Atlantic Crossing, position 13'N 55'W 21st December   
Happy solstice everyone!  The days will be getting lighter for all you folk hanging out at 52'N!   We are in a near gale here, surfing down waves in a good force seven, with bright blue sky and little fluffy clouds.   We are all hanging onto the boat, which is behaving like a surfboard, and are not having school today.   Mimi and Otti are listening to 'The Horse and his Boy', a C.S. Lewis tape book.  We still have over three hundred and fifty miles to go, so we are in for another 3 days or so.  We are all tired, but very happy that land is coming closer.   We have the main up, reefed, and the cutter stay sail goose-winged out.  Here is a picture of Steve having a cup of tea this morning.
Here is a picture of Mimi looking at the sunset two evenings ago.
We do get some good sunsets out here.....
Lunch: bread and bits.          Supper:  Packet risotto and sprouts,  tinned peaches.