Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 26 Nov 2005 16:37
Sailing 26th November (Saturday?) Day Three.
We are just beginning to emerge from a 48hour time warp of lying around feeling queasy, and doing the minimum.  Entering the third day at sea hopefully means that your 'nausea alarm' finally stops firing.   I asked Chris and Steve how they felt this morning and they said 'Four'.(out of ten).
We have started a kids SSB net at 11.00am, and Otti was chatting away with boats four hundred miles away.   Hopefully they will be able to carry on with this over the Atlantic.
Sorry guys: forgot to turn the Irridium on today but will definately do it tomorrow (Sunday).
Mimi says: 'Lying down all the time.  Miss you all.  Tummy ache.  That's all'.
Otti says: ' It's pretty cool, and my tummy ache is better, and we saw some dolphins'.
Chris says:  'Great having Steve aboard.   The SSB is good to talk to everybody.  Hope you are not having snow at home'.
Steve says:  'Steve sends love to family and friends.  It's an absolutely beautiful evening off the coast of Africa.'
Soph says:  'There is a lot sea out here, and I try not to think about two miles of it beneath our tub as I jam myself into my bunk at night'.
Sausages and mash and cabbage for dinner tonight.