Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 7 Nov 2005 20:51
Tenerife 7th November 2005
Well, we're all at it again.   After what seemed like a lightening fast trip home, we are back onboard the Sarah Grace again.   We have a full set of luggage thanks to Grandma, Margaret, who chased us at some unholy hour of the day down to Luton airport,  with half of our bags, which we had rather sleepily left on the bedroom floor in Oakley.
Back in Lanzarote we leapt onboard, blinking in the strong sunlight, and charged 130 miles from there to Tenerife, in rather rough and windy conditions.  
Just as we were casting off our ropes, our neighbour, a German man, looked bemused, and said'What!!  Are you really leaving now?  What about the waves?'
Well, he was right.  We had two reefs in the main, virtually no jib, and whizzed 82 miles in the first twelve hours, through huge rough seas.
Mimi says, 'It was really rolly, and I got sick four times.  And when we arrived we saw Koshlong and Regina and all our friends, and we talked to them on the radio'
Otti says,'Really cool.  The last passage we did was SO rolly that I nearly got sick.  I have just come back from town with Emma, and I bought a little broach.'
Chris says,'I can't think of anything at the moment' (he is disconnecting a gas bottle).
Soph says,'I'm not cut out for this sailing lark.  Last night was really horrible, kitchen smashing around all over the place, no sleep, arrived at the wrong marina at dawn but were so bushed that we tied up and slept until lunchtime, when we moved three miles south and met up with the gang'.
We are beginning the serious business of stocking up the boat for the ten day sail to the Cape Verdes and beyond.
Tomorrow Bill arrives to fit the SSB ground plate, so that we will be able to communicate with all the others on a radio net.  We are being hauled out of the water on Wednesday.