Bermuda bound!

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 10 May 2007 18:29
 When to leave is always a particularly tricky decision that doesn't seem to get any easier and it often takes a few days until you know if the decision was the right one. Increasingly frenzied studying of weather charts from more and more sources(which frequently contradict) is accompanied  by much sucking on teeth and comments from others that all point to the inevitable conclusion to procrastinate- just wait and see what the next forecast shows, you shouldn't be in such a rush, did you see the lunchtime news report about conditions out there?  This is then topped by  "So,you are still here then"- a thinly veiled criticism, the degree of emphasis on the "still" in direct proportion to how much of a wimp they think you are.
 When you finally announce that you are going now, this is met with the knee jerk "..but what about the terrible forecast/ wave conditions. Why not just see what tomorrow brings" ? and the previous inner paralysis of indecision has to be forceably restrained.
 Yesterday I said good bye to all that mental stress and we left Fort Lauderdale mid morning for the 900mile trip to Bermuda. Based on all those forecasts, it seemed we needed to get as much easting in before heading north so we sailed through the northern Bahamas rather than going around the top. "Sailed through the Bahamas" probably conjures up images of  palm tufted white sand islets in impossibly blue seas, the reality was a leak from the diesel supply line(temporarily sorted) and a night transit among lots of shipping taking the same short cut. The only sign of land was one lighthouse flashing forlornly in the blackness ( the other wasn't working). This morning it is overcast and a thin line of grey on the horizon will soon be gone as we head out to sea. The new forecast shows light south/ south easterlies which may or may not be enough to keep us sailing and avoid tedious days of motoring- I'll let you know how it goes.