Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 22 Mar 2006 21:35
Martinique, 20th March 2006
Hello, guess what, we're en France.  Peugots, Citroens, streetlights, supermarkets, highways.....Culture shock.  No soca or reggae.   It feels very strange.  Its wonderful having Fred here: we are all enjoying it, especially Otti, having a big brother again. 
We have spent the last few days doing land based stuff: exploring St. Pierre, a town which was blasted flat 100 years ago, Pompei style, by a pyroclatic flow.  They have partially rebuilt it on the ruins.   The heat was so great it melted the five foot high cathedral bronze bell, and folded it like a crumpled paper cup.
We are all sailing south tomorrow to St Lucia to drop Fred off, before heading back down to Grenada.  Then it's only three more weeks on board before we put Sarah Grace to bed in Grenada, and jet back to school, work and life Jim!
Mimi says: 'We went diving today, and it was really exciting.  I decided not to go scuba diving as I was a little scared, but Otti and Fred went with all the proper kit'. 'I am drinking tea which is rather grown-up and rather tasty'.(cranberry)
Otti says: 'I've just come back from diving, and saw loads of really cool fish, including one amazing leopardy fish.  I lay on the bottom and blew air rings like smoke rings.  Me and Fred and going to make supper tonight, and are still thinking what to cook.  Maybe something like a bit of pasta and sauce'.
Fred says:   Wikkyroorah ther everi1!  je suis ici in martinique.  i've bn staying on the sara grayc 4 around a week now.  c'est bon 2 c ta crew once agen.  2dai me + otti went scuba diving which was rather kewl.  The visit has thus far bn pretty top notch, from st lucia 2 here.  I'll b back in england b4 long howeva....  Hav fun!
Chris says: 'We are out of cranberry teabags.  Making lists of things to do before we go, things to take off the boat, things to take back to the boat, things to do when we get home, things to do before we get home and planning sailing trips this summer in Scotland with the Wayfarer gang'.