Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Tue 15 Nov 2005 20:37
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tuesday 15th November
Shopping, shopping, and more shopping.   We have spent over five hundred euros on food, and still have more to go.   Food in the Cape Verdes is apparently very expensive, as it is in the Carribbean and this is our last chance to stock up with reasonably priced staples.   Somehow I have to find space for another six cubic metres of supplies being delivered tomorrow.  It might mean ousting clothes, or lining clothes cupboards with tins of corned beef and chickpeas.  We are down to one bathroom, as the other is now filled with trays of milk and tomatoes and water.  The day we plan to leave I will be up at dawn and going to the fresh vegetable market to buy all the veg for the trip.   Sarah Grace will waddle out of the harbour and south, already the swim platform on the stern is half submerged.
Chris is servicing winches and replacing the main halyard tomorrow.  
Chris says: 'I have learnt about winches today thanks to John from Starlight, who helpfully commented at the end that "It often dosen't feel any better after you've done this job" '
Otti says: ' Been doing lots of sitting in my room today and also piano taught me the first bit of a cool song.   We had really decent hamburgers tonight.  Ummmm.  Making Christmas cards at the moment as I sit here talking to you.  The end.  From Otti.'
Mimi says: 'I am doing lots on Otti's piano, and writing lots of Christmas cards.   And Aunty Jenny, please could you say "Spa" to Fred.  Thanks.  Could you please tell me about Toffee, and how she is doing.'Love from Mimi.
Steve is arriving tomorrow, and where he is going to fit in, with clothes, is a bit of mystery.  Chris and I have been ringing him exhorting him to pack lightly,'All you need are a few t-shirts and shorts etc'.