Prickly Bay

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 30 Jan 2006 14:26
January 30th, Prickly Bay, Grenada.
Having met two British family liveaboard boats since last June, we have bumped into three families all in one bay.  One boat, Pagos, has just come in from four months up the Amazon bumping around in the mud and jungle.  They had no sailing experience when they left England.... Another boat from Cardiff, Aromatic, has three little girls onboard, and they are heading back this year.  It's great for us to meet and swop plans and stories.  The kids have had loads of fun together as well.
Grenada is our favourite place so far, the people make it.  You can see hurricane damage left from last years devastation everywhere.  Many stumps of trees stick out from the forest, and lots of boat hulls litter the shore.   There are many yachts in the boatyard with halfmasts and rigging like spaghetti, and holed hulls.  Apparently nearly every roof was blown off during the storm, and all the existing roofs are new.   Mimi had her hair braided by a woman called Canary on the beach, who had lost her house, and job, as her home was blown away, and the hotel where she worked was wrecked.  She has three little girls. 
There is an osprey roosting in the bay where we are anchored.   We are going to go on a tour of the island tomorrow.   Last night we saw a three foot iguana looking at us from a ledge on stony outcrop, as we rowed back to the boat.