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Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 1 Jan 2006 17:28
Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Sorry about the radio silence, we've busy doing stuff, instead of being cooped up on the boat!
We are still anchored in Elizabeth bay, Bequia, but will probably sail tomorrow, north or south we haven't decided.  That means either St. Vincent and Martinique, or Mustique and the Tobago quays.  Tough choice eh, bet you don't feel sorry for us any more!
We have survived the charter boat mayhem here.  Charter boat anecdotes abound,  about how they run out of anchors because they cut the rope every morning etc.  but it now seems that no stupidity is too great for them.   Last night they were firing distress flares at each other with great joie de vivre, and one boat got hit with a huge shower of sparks, but luckily did not catch fire.   Chris fended one yacht off the front of our boat yesterday morning, out of control, and they created mayhem by serial anchor drags down the bay in the middle of the night.   One yacht apparently got 'T-boned' whatever that means.
Liveaboard boats are easy to spot as they have jerry cans and bicycles on deck, and loads ofwindvanes and solar panels.
Mimi has been banned from swimming for three days to allow her scabby knees to heal.  The first time ashore last week she went charging around and fell over, and with constant salt water bathing, they are going nastily gummy and not healing.