Isla Mujeres, Part 2.

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sun 15 Apr 2007 00:49
 What a fortnight!  It was very sad seeing Soph and our wonderful girls disappearing into the throng at Cancun airport, our eyes meeting for the last time in months. We have all had such an huge amount of such precious time together on Sarah Grace that ending this chapter in our lives was never going to be easy.
  The first week was spent adjusting to being one of those male single-handers that you always feel a bit sorry for and who provoke in me insatiable curiosity- so many  unaskable questions. Why are you on your  own? Do you really like being afloat alone? Do you have any family/loved ones anywhere? If so, why aren't they with you or you with them? Where is home? Wouldn't you rather be sailing with someone? How did you get to be living life like this? What makes it all worthwhile for you?   I suppose I'm not good at long term aloneness and want to know how other people get into that position and how manage it. 
 Fortunately one of the best magic tricks of the modern world meant that I could just plug a headset into the side of this laptop and chat from the marina forecourt to those back home, the sounds of exotic birds and the wind in the rigging providing a backdrop to my voice. Suddenly the seperation doesn't feel so great and maybe I'm not one of those male single-handers or maybe they are just  like me after all.
  It was a pretty slow few days with lots of clearing up and re-arranging aboard in preparation for Iain + Karen's arrival late on friday night.  
  By noon saturday  Gem had also appeared in the anchorage after their passage from Cuba and suddenly there were 5 for lunch on SG and a party of 7 heading ashore for supper together that evening. Lars and Karolina the Norwegians on Makai who we had seen at most of the harbours through Cuba had also reappeared and made up the numbers. This life was back to its usual very sociable level.
  I'll leave Iain and Karen to describe their impressions of yachty life as they cast their fresh eyes on the scene. Suffice to say that it is really good to have their company and I'm sure SG will make good speed with their help.
 Now it is all eyes on the weather forecast charts as we look for an opportunity to sail to Havana. Having returned yesterday evening from a 4 day exploration of more Mayan ruins during favourable sailing weather, it seems we may not be able to get away from here until the middle of next week. I can't wait to get going, every mile sailed now will be homeward!