A Cracking Sail

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 4 Jul 2007 04:38
Position 44 00' N  18 12' W   Just clear of the Northern most tip of Spain & 370 miles West
We have just had the best three consectative days sailing since we joined Sarah-Grace many weeks ago in Mexico. We have covered 460 miles in the past 72Hrs with the wind mainly from just aft the beam. At times we were consistantly doing over 7 Knots, very exciting sailing, and great to be covering ground for a change. However it has all come to a sudden and abrupt end and we are now crawling along at a much more leisurely pace of 4 knots. What the burst of speed has done is start the inevitable game of when will we get there ? The first guess went to our seasoned skipper, Chris (who's never been close) of Monday 9th in the afternoon, Karen (I've been right twice already) says Sunday 8th afternoon, while I, based on the vast sailing experience of 3700 miles aboard have taken our average for all those miles and come up with 15th of July!!! I  just hope I'm wrong.
  We are getting there although this lowly pace makes it difficuilt to believe. There are signs that we are getting close to Britain, firstly the weather is rubbish and much cooler, secondly we can now get Radio 4 albeit intermittently. At least we know what The Archers are upto !! The distance we have left to travel is about the same as the road distance from Land's End to John O Groats, only the length of France and a bit.