Off to Mexico

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 21 Mar 2007 02:51
Cayo Largo, Cuba, March 19th 2007
We've been teetering on the bring of our next passage for the last three days.  We woke up on Monday morning all set to go, but the wind was howling and we decided to sit out the two day blow safely lashed to the pontoon in the marina, rather than crashing around at sea.   It was unforecast, and our friends reported very rough seas downwind of us thirty miles away.   So we have had a great few days walking and swimming and doing school. 
Today has been spent largely getting ready for the passage again,  the bread has been baked, muffins made, a huge box of houmous is in the fridge, and Bob is strapped to the foredeck.
We have filled up with water, which takes the biscuit for being revolting.  It is sulphurous artesian water, and smells a bit of rotten eggs, and is briny to boot.
It is undrinkable, so we will drink out of jerrycans decanted from the last of our previous tank water.
We have finally finished a huge tuna that some fisherman rowed over to us.  They didn't want anything for it but we pressed some soap and a bottle of rum on them.
On Sunday Otti, Mimi and I went to one of the enormous hotels at the other end of the island, and swam in their huge pools.   It was another world away from the rather homely and simple marina we are in.  We did school under a thatched palm hut sunshade.