Passage Day 4

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 15 Feb 2007 15:38
Cubagua to Port Antonio, Jamaica, Thursday 15th February 2007
N 17' 28.40'   W075' 03.322'
Well we are all still here.  The boat is shambolic inside, half our stuff seems to be on the floor.  It has been boiling hot, and we have been unable to open the hatches because too much water has been pounding down, either from squalls or waves.  The autohelm died last night, we think from drowning, so hand helming for a while.   This is like standing on a table top  balanced on a large ball, with someone throwing buckets of salty water at you, to the Guiness ad. surfing sound track, and trying to steer.  We have resurrected the hydrovane, to give us some respite, and it seems to be coping on this reach.  Thank goodness the winds have moderated to a useful 18knots.
We are very tired, and it is possible that we might reach Port Antonio at around 2am tomorrow.  Chris thinks it is ok to attempt a night entry, something we normally avoid at all costs.  It is hard to gauge your arrival time on a five day passage, as the winds can vary so much.  We have Reed's Caribbean Nautical Almanac, which is very helpful.  We are presently navigating off a National Geographic 'West Indies and Central America' schoolroom map.......
We saw some lovely dolphins yesterday, says Chris, 'Some good things have happened on this trip'.  We miss Steve, who came across the Atlantic with us.  Come back Steve, all is forgiven!