Day 16 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 22 Dec 2005 14:09
Day 15, Atlantic Crossing. Position 13'N 58'W Thursday December 22nd.
Hello everyone.  We're running out of novel things to say now, just to report 360' of ocean yet again.  The seas are a bit calmer than yesterday, which is just as well, as the spinnaker got in a wrap around the cutter shroud.  Chris had to go up the mast to unravel it, which was a bit hairy for him, but he managed it in under ten minutes, which is pretty good.   One of our friends spent two hours mid-Atlantic sorting out his spinnaker......
We had a phone call from Maria today which cheered us all up, she had been looking after Otti and Mimi since they were babies, so it was lovely to hear a familiar voice!
The flying fish flocks avoided us last night, thank goodness, so no more THUMP flicketty flacketty awakenings.
We have had emails from three other boats with kids, all already anchored in Bequia, and we really think we are going to make it sometime on Friday night, Poseidon willing.   We might have to nose into the anchorage in the dark using the GPS and a bow lookout, but that should be easy compared to coming into Finnesterre in dense fog.
I really will feel like celebrating Christmas: because it will mean that we will have this humungous crossing behind us.
Mimi is busy making paper people cutout models, of angels and Santa Claus and kings for the nativity.   Otti is playing SIMS, and has a computer guinea pig.  I am rapidly running out of things for them to do on board.  Steve is chasing the sun and the moon with his sextant.  I learnt where Capella and Regulis and Spica and Canopus were in the heavens last night.
Lunch: packet pasta and sweetcorn.  Supper: Cous-cous and sponge cake with pineapple chunks and jelly!!