Errr...Still in Prickly Bay

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Mon 6 Feb 2006 13:55
February 6th, Prickly Bay, Grenada
We have been here for a while now, something like ten days or so, and have settled into life in a marine village.  Every morning there is school, apart from Sunday, and then after lunch it is swimming, at the True Blue Resort Pool, with about a dozen kids. 
General networking takes place at happy hour around the beach bar.   This is a very important part of the daily routine.   To quote Leon from Regina: 'I have had a very busy day today, I have ordered an oil filter on-line'.
We are definitely getting into the Caribbean way of doing things, which seems to operate in Spain and Portugal as well, and goes along the lines of 'Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow', and anything that intereferes with the serious business of drinking rum punch definitely needs doing tomorrow.
Even Chris has taken to Pina Coladas in a big way.
Here is a picture of some machinery in the rum factory, that had been installed in the early seventeen hundreds, and was still working daily.  Absolutely amazing.  British engineering of course!
This is Mimi looking into a bubbling tank of molasses and yeast and rum.
And here is a picture of Mimi and Mary at the solar powered chocolate factory.
Lastly, Mimi by the waterfall stream.  We had a Dengue fever panic as I thought that there were loads of black and white stripey Dengue fever mosquitoes there, but they were tiny flies.
On the subject of creepy crawlies:
We were all swimming at dusk off the end of the boat, and I was worrying about sharks,  when I let out a yell as I had been stung by a jelly fish, and rather than swim to the back of the boat through the jelly fish, we tried to climb up the anchor chain.  Chris rescued us in Bob.  I have a stung ankle and hand, which three days on is still annoying.
We are all taking brewers yeast to try and repel the mosquitoes.  This is meant to stop them biting, and certainly in the case of Otti, seems to be working.

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