Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Thu 6 Apr 2006 12:49
True Blue Bay, 4th April 2006
We are alongside in the marina in True Blue Bay, which is like being home.  It's dark, and we are bobbing up and down on the swell.  The girls are still milling around without concentrating on going to bed, despite both being very tired. Ot has been diving to forty feet today at a marine reef sanctuary.  It's strange having your children going places that you have never been.  She came back looking happy and slightly toasted after five hours out on the dive boat, with tales of beautiful fish and lovely coral.   I'm really proud of her.
There is a band playing on shore,  loads of really great semi-pan-rock style music, and I feel this email must be short because I must go and investigate.  Today has been one of unmitigated sweat, cleaning in a boiling hot boat, with Chris revving the engine to check that it all works.  He emerged cheering today, having disconnected and successfully reconnected various pipes, saying,'It works!  It works!'.   I unloaded all our uneaten food onto Mystralis, our friends from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who are on the next pontoon.   I felt parting with the quinoa and the Chinese mushrooms most keenly, but hey, you've got to move on...
Only another three days on board, it feels scary thinking about leaving our amazing craft that has trustily sailed across the deeps, providing shelter and security, bobbing over the huge swells in the endless ocean,(blah blah... must be time to go to bed:  hope you're still awake!)