Prickly Bay

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Wed 20 Dec 2006 20:47
Prickly Bay, Grenada, 19th December 2006
We have moved around from Hog Island to Prickly bay to reprovision and check out, get water, and do some washing.  Both Chris and I have been wearing exotic and unusual clothes the last couple of days, as these are the only clean things left.  The supplies we bought from a farmer before we went into the sea, a bonanza of tomatoes, squash, okra, oranges, peppers and cabbage, are running out.  Vegetables here are like gold dust, the most expensive items on the plate.
Mimi said,' Mum, have you put us on a diet?  Of vegetables?'   There is nothing left now apart from sixteen tins of corn beef and some sushi rice.  
All the guys on Hog Island remember me from the shattering effect that I had had on Nigel, the biggest, blackest, hunkiest guy,(think 'A' Team), with a gold necklace like anchor chain, and the whitest vest and trainers.   To cut a long story short back in March, he was elected by his henchman to sample a plate of sushi that I had made, and popped it into his mouth with about a TABLESPOON of wasabe.   He took a couple of munches, snorted, then let out a yell, and leapt off his barstool and ran round the beach..  I did try to warn him, hey man that's really hot, and he reassured me that he was a champion chilli eater.   His friends thought this was side splittingly hilarious, but refused all sushi thereafter.
School is going well: no tantrums so far.  On a biology walk around Hog Island, which is about a mile long and half covered with scrub, we saw a group of about four men with rifles going away from us.  Half an hour later a herd of wild sheep came flooding over the brow of the hill towards us, and I felt rather unsafe thinking some crazy hunters were going to start blasting away and catch us in crossfire.   I shouted,'If you hear a bang, HIT THE DECK!!!'
Later we found an old man sitting under a small tree by the swinging carcass of a magnificent billy goat with huge curled horns.  Mimi and Otti were sad to see him dead.  The hunter team came jogging back to the camp with another dead goat, which was a good time to beat a hasty retreat whilst they were butchering it with machetes.   Whilst we legged it back to Bob the dinghy, a hunting osprey came right over our heads.
Chris watches Mimi sail off with Adam, both 9, in an Oppi.
Otti squints into the sun.
Mimi sails off to sea with Adam....