Day 14 Atlantic Crossing

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Tue 20 Dec 2005 11:41
Day 14, Atlantic Crossing. Position 14' N, 52'W. December 14th, 2005
We are all well, but tired.  The nearer land gets, the more we allow ourselves to think about actually all having a REST, together.   To all go to sleep together, and sleep a whole night through, and wake up and have breakfast, and then do something that dosen't involve crashing around with ropes or trying to keep your balance on a salty deck;  to put something down on a flat surface, to  have a nice cold glass of wine,  to eat a fresh salad, to have a shower, to run around:  these are some of the tantalising thoughts which keep creeping in, as we pound and crash closer to shore. 
If we keep this punishing pace up, we should see Barbados on Thursday evening off the port bow, which we will unfortunately sail right past.  We are going to Bequia, which is about another hundred miles or so further east,  which we will hopefully reach by nightfall on Friday.  So it's no use thinking of crispy salads until Friday, or probably Saturday!
The girls are doing brilliantly, being very very patient, and we have had hardly any moaning from them.   I have tried to create a daily routine, ending with an episode of 'Fresh Prince of Bellair', a  TV comedy series which we have on DVD, and a story.
While I was on watch last night I saw the loom of a ship coming up behind, which gave me a bit of a fright, until I realized that it was the moon rising.......The wind was strong, and we had both washboards in incase we were pooped by a following breaking swell, with the main double reefed, and the gib well rolled in.  Even so none of the grown-ups slept,  it was too much like a funfair ride.  Amazingly, Otti seems to be able to sleep in the focsle,  inside the bows, which is the bounciest, rolliest bit of the boat.  When I checked her in the middle of the night, she was jammed in a big pile of pillows,  sound asleep.
I think the flying fish have read the website: we have had none on board for two days now!  Hip hip hooray!
Lunch:  Fresh Bread and ham       Supper:  Beans, Eggs, Frankfurters.  Pudding: Chocolate brownies and cream (UHT!)