Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Fri 18 May 2007 02:08
Like swallows on telegraph wires in the autumn, migratory yachts fill Bermuda harbour and now Sarah Grace is among them. It is a major pit stop for boats heading to and from north America and the Caribbean as well as for the likes of us heading for Europe.
 Last night the long heralded wind shift materialised and we were able to come off a close hauled coure for the first time in 3 days. Inspite of 2 reefs and a half sized jib we charged in to the waves with consistently over 7 knots on the speedo. Spray flying and sheets straining we suddenly started to se the possibility of a daylight arrival: in the end we entered the very narrow cut in to the large natural harbour at about 4pm- 8days + 6hrs after leaving Fort Lauderdale.
 Tomorrow it'ia ime to tackle the jobs/repairs list as well as start to explore this new country. The forecast is for rough weather at least until after the weekend so we won't be rshing to leave immediately. More news after some time ashore tomorrow.