Porto Santo

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 17 Sep 2005 07:58
Porto Santo, Madeira, 12.9.05
Hello all, we made it to Porto Santo after four and a bit days of racing downwind.  Strange to see the sun set and rise over the sea.   This island is like something out of a childrens dinosaur book:  volcanic, arid and spectacular.   We are all enjoying being here, and are meeting up with all the hard-core cruisers who have left Portugal and are off south.   The kids are having a good time: their best friends arrived last night on Regina from Lisbon.  I'm off to London for a week to see Great Aunt Beattie, and set Fred off to University.  We're having trouble sending photos so I'm afraid you'll just have to imagine the blue skys etc.!!