Cap Finisterre

Sarah Grace goes to sea
Chris Yerbury and Sophy White
Sat 20 Aug 2005 10:53
Tuesday August 16th 2005 Cap Finisterre
Otti before the fog coming upto Cap Finisterre
We came around Cap Finisterre this afternoon, but didn't see it as it was so foggy.   We had to use radar and GPS, and steer round it to shelter behind, and just heard the amazing hooting of the lighthouse foghorn.   It was difficult and quite a strain whilst it was so foggy, as although the radar was good for trawlers and yachts, it didn't show kamakaze fishing rowing boats.......We had a little stripey green bird on board in the saloon for most of the afternoon, lost in the fog.   We are still trying to catch up with Regina, a Hallbery Wrassey with a great family on board, Leon, Carolina, Jonathon and Jessica, whom we all had loads of fun with in A Coruna., but sadly they have moved onto Portugal already. 
 Soph in the fog...
Vilona May, mentioned in the last email, is actually a Looe Gaffer, apologies for all mentions of Falmouth Prawners (!?)
Heading for Ria Muros...