Four lovely hot days in Vannes, now in Crouesty

CR and KN Williams
Sat 31 Aug 2019 17:22

47.32.65N 2.53.68W

31st  August, 2019     Crouesty, Morbihan

We had four lovely days in Vannes with hot sun and good food. C spent some time in the locker getting the freezer to work (again). I’d replaced the thermostat to no lasting effect and C spent hours communing with Frigoboat. Testing with a homemade LED concluded that it was still overfilled and C very gingerly took another 15 secs out in 5 sec aliquots - so far so good. C still however blames it on voltage drops so in due course we may need new batteries. We toyed with the idea of anchoring in the gulf overnight but everywhere was full of private buoys and the few places left looked a bit dodgy for 7 knt tides and 25 knt winds so we gave up for now. Crouesty is so vast they offer a water taxi to get from one side to the other! It’s very busy.