Gijon, 13 years on

CR and KN Williams
Sun 23 Jun 2019 11:13

43.33N 5.40W

22nd June, 2019 Gijon

Long 12hr 70 mile slog to Gijon where we were 13 years ago. All very civilised until the last 10 miles into the bay when the seas became very unpleasant, despite no wind (today or yesterday), a modest fetch and a rising tide – most odd.

We telephoned the English chap who installed the ‘fridge 15 years ago, and he says it’s most unlikely to be the £600 compressor, more likely the thermostat or controller, both of which are far cheaper, He’s given us some instructions to test it all so we might even save some money! We plan on staying here for a few days before a trip across Biscay to La Rochelle. Our to-do list now comprises; check the standing rigging, mend the fridge, the Eberspächer probably has a blocked fuel line, do some varnishing, get the satellite phone working, and try to stop a solar panel delaminating.


Lots of grey days recently but it is now properly raining. This is discouraging Keith from climbing in the outside locker to troubleshoot the ‘fridge. Trouble shooting in the Caribbean usually meant someone charging £40 to read the manual to no avail! This time it may show we need a control box, not a very expensive compressor.

Our imminent trip to La Rochelle is only 240 nm. I just hope the seas are less unpleasant than yesterday. No wind but swell at 90 degrees to waves caused by wind 100nm away. Very confusing which is maybe why it is caused a ‘confused’ sea!

We had a lovely sunny day wandering in La Coruna and saw Sir John Moore’s tomb. Wonderful zamburinas (small scallops). Ribadeo had a nice marina up a river with a delightful girl in the office and a restaurant with a good 10€ menu del dia.

The wind may turn NW on Thursday, so we may head across Biscay then. No storms or gales around at the moment.