starter motors

CR and KN Williams
Thu 17 Jun 2010 22:56
18.40S 173.59W
Friday 18 June
The starter motor is not jammed, it is just not receiving power from the control panel. Having changed the fuel filters on the engine Keith can now start the engine headfirst in the engine compartment with a screwdriver over 2 terminals . Not ideal ! There is presumably a faulty connection somewhere between the starter button and the starter motor.
Having tried unsuccessfully to trace the problem ourselves [well K actually] the manager from the Moorings base kindly came and had a look but had no joy either. He thinks it might be a solenoid switch and is coming back later with a working one which may solve the problem..or perhaps he will think of something else!
We have got the chartplotter working again with a new cartridge from Austalia.
While sitting here for a few days I investigated hairdressers.' Billie Snips mens and women haircuts' did not inspire confidence so I set to work on my highlights with a paintbrush and a packet of blond colour. Not quite like Headmasters but Keith says it looks O.K.
We have had some very good food and are hoping to catch the football and/or rugby tomorrow.