still in Pangkor

CR and KN Williams
Mon 12 Nov 2012 23:47

4.13N 100.36E

11th November, 2012

It hasn’t been great so far. Superb James was away for a week and left in charge a bloke called Abe. He then allowed a mate of his to take his boat, on the boatlift, for 1 week to undertake major repairs to his keel. In the meantime we and many others were left waiting for days to re-launch whilst said Abe had to disappear for 4 days tending to a supposed sick child and was unable to answer his telephone (quite how he thought a marine engineer could cure a child was not explained). Sadly he was the only one allowed to drive the boatlift so we all had to wait. Eventually we got back in the water and, apart from the usual breakages, we were about to go tomorrow, but the bog has completely blocked so we have to replace that.


Keith has definitely not got into the laid back Asian way of life yet! I showed a degree of self-preservation and did not climb up 12 ft. ladders while on the hard so we stayed in a hotel. Luckily comfortable and air conditioned but very “scarfy”. New adjective which means no beer and the fat ladies who don’t smile much. Only £30 a night so can’t complain. It is very nice being back on board and K got one of the marina lads to come and help put on the sails. My leg is not too bad but lets me know when I am doing too much…I have found some deep filed out of date Tylex which is great!

All was going too smoothly when the bog completely blocked this morning. I have spent ages trying to clear it but have admitted defeat and am about to dig out the replacement spares. All good fun.