SOG -0.2 at full revs

CR and KN Williams
Fri 2 Sep 2011 05:26

08.36S 119.31E


Friday, 2nd September, 2011


There are many islands here and the currents between them can be a bit strong. We were happily motoring here (there is no wind), to see the Komodo dragons, when, within 5 miles of our destination we hit 6.5 kts of current (9 is apparently the record) and had to sit at 3000 rpm doing no more than stem the tide. We almost turned back but sat it out for 2.5hrs after which we eventually crept up to 0.5kt SOG. Things got better after then. We were going to go on a ½ day trek to see the dragons, but low tide showed us a bit close to some hard sticky-up things and after re-anchoring C thought we should sit here till the tide changed and we thus missed the early morning chap. Perhaps we’ll go tomorrow.




Labuan Bajo was at first sight hot and dusty like the other places we have been but we soon realised that the tourists who come to see the komodo dragons had the advantage of producing some really good restaurants and a shop with Australian bacon.


We spent a day at a hotel on the beach feeling very pampered lying on shady sun loungers in a green oasis by the pool with a bottle of chilled white wine (from Bali but definitely drinkable). Lunch was good too. King prawns and home-made ravioli made a change from rice and noodles.


Our anchor seems dug in but there is serious current here so we are being cautious. One boat was rescued drifting out to sea whilst the owners were ashore eating.