back on the sea

CR and KN Williams
Mon 25 Apr 2011 05:57
20.30S 149.02E
Sunday 24th April, 2011
Clare's birthday.
At long last we have left Mackay with all the repairs almost done. Loads of surprises as expected, last of which
was the radar being full of water.
However we now have a new engine and gearbox, forestay, babystay, radar (not yet), inner shroud, electric winchesx2
, WiFi aerial, and reconditioned electric winch motors x2, chartplotter, SSB aerial, solar panel wiring, and
interior varnish. Oddly enough we still have the old alternator as the new one won't charge the house batteries!
Despite the pouring rain for 5 months, very little mildew. The bill is quite big though.
Anyway we had a nice motor for 25nm yesterday, with the correct oil and 2500 revs as instructed. Anchored in Brampton Island and set off this morning
with 14knts off the port quarter giving us 5.8kts SOG (speed IS broken). Clare thinks our speed it due the new foresail, I
think it's my careful sail trimming.
Heading for a snug little anchorage and thence to a marina to have the radar fitted when it arrives on Thursday.
The Aussies have Easter Friday, the Weekend, Easter Monday and then ANZAC day followed by Mayday next week.
I'm surprised they ever have time to train for cricket and Rugby.
They don't have the royal wedding day, so hopefully our radar will have arrived by then and can be fited.
After all the rain when we arrived the weather is now as it is supposed to be in the Whitsunday islands: blue sky
and sun with F4 trade winds. Just hope it lasts.
Not keen on swimming as we have seen jellyfish and yesterday I saw a small shark swimming round the boat
[ recognised from trips to the London Aquarium!]. The locals say that the reef sharks are not dangerous but I
don't wish to find out. Haven't seen any salt water crocodiles yet.
Wonderful to be sailing again and out of the marina in Mackay. We have arranged to get the new radome in Airlie
Beach about 60 nm up the coast so we are heading in the right direction.