en route to Tonga

CR and KN Williams
Sat 5 Jun 2010 17:16
19.03S 162.28W
0100 Saturday 5/6/10
Left Atutaki at 13:30 on Thursday. The only Frenchman we met this time in the long, shallow, narrow channel was a catamaran aground, so he didn't pose much of a threat. Thank goodness the Paul Gauguin cruise ship is off causing collisions elsewhere.
Bit of wind for the first 12hrs but died thereafter; quite rainy but little wind outside the squalls.
Weather forecast suggests we'll have to motor until lunchtime today when it should pick up. Beginning to look as though the 810nm might take fully 8 days.
Flat calm and no wind is great for sleeping and enjoying the moon but only doing 4 knots at 1600 rpm. Thank goodness we have abandoned any idea of looking cool and sleek and have extra diesel in gaudy red and yellow cans and orange bladder so we dont have to wallow around waiting for the wind.
We had a lovely meal in a small exclusive restaurant in the hills before we left. It was recommended by Hettie and Steve and the fish curry was superb. The heavens opened just as we got into the dinghy. Typical.