Back in Cadiz (again) hopefully with guarded good news

CR and KN Williams
Fri 11 May 2018 11:13

36.35N 6.15W

Puerto Sherry: Friday, 10th May, 2018

Back from Sevilla.

Progress on the boat at last! The steel has arrived and the Inox man is making the water tank as we speak ( so he says ), the horrible hole is slowly being filled. Our insurer wanted a particular resin for the repair which was 3 times as expensive, adding £500 to the bill that hopefully he will be paying! I know absolutely nothing about boat building so was very grateful for his input. Various other work is also on the move and even the builder has given a launch date of 28/5. We will be back in Blighty by then so Freddy, our excellent guardienage chap, will put it back in the water for us and perhaps give all the repairs a road test ( I suppose I ought to say ‘sea trial’ ).

The weather is at last improving, so C has had 2 days sunbathing and hopes for a couple more before we go back.

It’s all been a bit frustrating sitting around in iffy weather for six weeks but I’m sure it was worth it to maintain a presence and make a nuisance of ourselves. I hope Alvar Lidell will bring us no more news of fresh disasters from the Front.