now in Kupang, Indonesia - a new Continent! Joined "Sail Indonesia"

CR and KN Williams
Wed 27 Jul 2011 01:08

10.09S 123.34E


Tuesday 27/7/2011


Arrived yesterday around midday after 3 ½ days, mostly motoring. Not too many fishing boats. The Yanks are NEVER off the wireless and moreover conduct long inane conversations on channel 16. Were we not to have to ‘live’ with them for 3 months I would vent my spleen!

The anchorage in Kupang is already quite crowded with big, crewed, yachts, catamarans and people like us who used their engines and cheated by leaving early. Today it will get even fuller. I won’t tempt the Gods again but suffice it to say the main thing I repaired yesterday was Clare’s spectacles.

Several officials came promptly yesterday and were delightful but very thorough; one poor chap opened a cupboard and got deluged with empty Tupperware. Off today to see 4 more sets of officials and hopefully get some fuel.




The quarantine official inspected our medicines and even sniffed the DEET. Maybe it is like glue ! Had a lovely sail for the last half day and the weather here is great. Hot but not humid and cool at night.